Peel off a floor in Peel Street!


This exciting new project at Peel Chambers offers opportunities for individuals, families and businesses to create and live their inner city dreams.
Buyers can have the whole floor of this unique building on its own Title to create an their completely individualised apartment, studio, office or home/office.
The ground floor is currently designated commercial and covers 124 m2 with a basement space of some 67m2, while the 5 upper floors are 152m2 to 164m2
Priced from $600,000 to $700,000 each single floor shell provides:

Upgraded building services including a new lift, soundproofing, plumbing, fire protection and communication services
Repainted and restored building facade and windows, including replacing all west facing windows
Strata titling of complete floors to enable buyers to pursue their vision for either residential or commercial purposes
A covenantĀ that allows the owners to “do their own thing” while safeguarding the other members of the community title scheme

Peel Street and Leigh Street is where it’s all happening in the City with this precinct benefitting from the Council’s new lane way strategy, the redevelopment of the Adelaide OvalĀ and the new Royal Adelaide Hospital on North Terrace.