Mixed Use Buildings

It doesn’t seem that long ago when Peter was advising the owners of Ruthven Mansions at 15 to 27 Pulteney Street on the feasibility of selling off the apartments on separate strata titles while having a retail arcade in separate ownership at ground level. This all seemed so novel (not to mention risky) back in 1993!
Ruthven Mansions was built in 1911 and was a very early venture in apartment living in the City of Adelaide. This obviously fell out of fashion it later became home to the Government Chest Clinic in 1953 and was then refurbished in 1980 by architect John Chappel to operate as an apartment hotel.
Now mixed use buildings are quite common place, because multiple uses are often the most economic use of expensive city land. According to the Adelaide City Council the city population in 2010 is 21,000 and forecast to increase by another 20,130 over the next 21 years. This means that many more mixed use buildings are going to be built and we hope that they involve some new and exciting architecture!
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