Isse’s story – buying property and studying in Adelaide

We have been on the lookout for someone to join our research based approach to the business of sales, marketing and development in the City of Adelaide, and Isse Yangsheng Liu is now part of our team.


Isse will be pursuing the opportunities arising from the real estate demand created by her fellow students coming here, with a particular focus on marketing Adelaide property to buyers from her Chinese homeland.

Managing some 200 apartments in the City and being involved in sales and development since 1997, we have witnessed the outstanding growth of the education industry. It is now Australia’s 3rd largest export industry and worth $17.5 billion a year. That is 600,000 international students in on shore institutions including 250,000 in Universities*

For us it started with international students and their parents renting apartments. Now, the property investment demand created by those students who stay, along with many of their relatives and friends from overseas, has led to this new and exciting phase in the Buchan Lee journey.

Welcome Isse, we are sure old and new clients will appreciate your honest advice, hard work and the value you will add to their property needs.

(* source Australian Financial Review Monday 22 June 2015)